Skype lessons

If you never had a Skype lesson with me the first trial lesson is free: book a Decaffeinato! When you book a Decaffeinato, you are asked to give 3 time-slots: I will pick up the most convenient time slot according to my schedule, and you will receive a confirmation by email.

If you are already a coffee addicted, you can choose among several options:
Ristretto, one shot lesson of 45min
– Doppio, two shots of 45 mins, best option if you want to get some material to practice and double-check if you learnt it well
– Americano XXL, you drink coffee regularly and you wanna explore more subjects or just one in deep.
– The Coffee Machine, a full course of 10 lessons through all the year. I can show you plenty of things, and it’s really useful to meet regularly and see your progresses.

How to book a lesson:
You can book the lesson directly from the form below.
Before booking, make sure you have a Skype account, a Paypal account, a pair of headphones and a good internet connection.
After you choose the size of your coffee (a single lesson, or a group of lessons) you’ll be asked to pick the time-slots you prefer.
If you don’t find a suitable time, write me an email, or we can find a solution in the next meetings.
When you book a 4- or 10-sessions, don’t worry too much about the dates of the next appointments: we will monitor the calendar at the end of our meetings, and if necessary we can reschedule together the next lessons.
After you’ve picked your time-slots you’ll be asked your details: name, email, phone, … Please don’t forget to write me some notes about you, which instrument do you play, what you would like to explore in the lesson!
After you complete the payment you’ll receive an email-confirmation; you will also receive a reminder of our lesson 24 hours and 1 hour before the meeting.
Don’t forget to add me on Skype! My Skype name is simone.bottasso

During the lesson
A Skype lesson is very similar to a physical meeting: I’m going to listen, give you suggestions to improve and exercises, and I will give you some assignments. The only difference is that we can’t play together because of latency, but I developed my way of teaching within this limitation. Moreover, since we can’t play together, I can focus very much on your play (and vice-versa).
You can video-record some parts of our lesson in order to practice following my video, or just listen back to my explanation. You’ll find the video directly in our Skype chat after our lesson.
PS: These videos are private, please do not share them !

Reschedule policy
To reschedule your appointment follow the link you find in the email-confirmation.

If you reschedule the booking up to one day before the meeting time, you will not be charged a rescheduling fee. If you reschedule the booking within one day from the meeting time, you will be charged a bit.

It might happen that I have to reschedule our appointment for concerts, rehearsals or travels… in that case I’m gonna contact you asap to find a time-slot that suits both of us!


Youtube video-lessons

how to use the Mas “bassi sciolti” register !
lesson n.1
Go to “My Music” page and download the score!
lesson n.2 part I
Go to “My Music” page and download the score!
lesson n.2 part II
Go to “My Music” page and download the score!
lesson n.3 : exploring new keys !

Facebook Live Stream during COVID-19

I decided to give some workshops during the hard times of coronavirus through my Facebook profile.

You can find here the scores I’m teaching in those workshops, that will be useful to follow the video! Enjoy!

Donations for my work are very welcome and can be done here: https://paypal.me/simonebottasso


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Magicicada part I
Magicicada part 2

magicicada part 2

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Magicicada part II
Midnight on the water – online workshop

🇬🇧 We're gonna learn a easy and nice #mazurka I recorded with The Folk Messengers some years ago in the wonderful album All for One. 🇮🇹 Questa volta una facile mazurka, anche per 8 bassi, che ho registrato con i Folk Messengers qualche anno fa, nel bellissimo album All for One. If you want to support me for this online workshop:- donate on www.paypal.me/simonebottasso- book a Skype lesson on www.simonebottasso.com- buy my music on www.simonebottasso.bandcamp.com

Pubblicato da Simone Bottasso su Sabato 4 aprile 2020
Midnight on the river
Online organetto workshop #4 – Scottish

WELCOME !!!If you like this workshop you can donate on www.paypal.me/simonebottassoDownload the score on www.simonebottasso.com/teacher (at the bottom of the page!)

Pubblicato da Simone Bottasso su Venerdì 10 aprile 2020
Scottish Senso Nom – Spasuttle

Online organetto workshop #5 Tasso Barbasso by Maurizio MartinottiDownload the score on www.simonebottasso.com/teacherIf you want to donate for my workshop you can do it through Paypal : http://paypal.me/simonebottasso

Pubblicato da Simone Bottasso su Venerdì 24 aprile 2020
Tasso Barbasso

Today we talk about my composition Diatofonia n.7 !This piece is NOT PLAYABLE with 8 bass accordion. But you can still follow, there's always something to learn 🙂I'm sorry, in the last weeks I've been moving to a new house, several trips to IKEA, unfolding-folding-packing-unpackin stuff boxes bags….so there's no score.BUT I'm gonna write some notes during the live stream so you can follow !If you appreciate my work of divulgating new music for diatonic accordion (and new ways of playing it) you can support me and donate through Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/simonebottasso

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Diatofonia n.7