Music Through The Walls

Music Through the Walls is a house in Rotterdam, 6 rooms (K, T, S, R, B, G), months of work for a few ecstatic hours of home recording, with a wonderful community of people coming from all over the world.
Nowadays people are able to watch concerts and music events from their house, sometimes alone with their laptop without having to meet or talk to other people. We recognise it, but our reaction to that is filling and filming our house with as many artists as we can.

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Good vibrations (Beach Boys) – MTTW#1

Music Through The Walls was created by Romain Bly, Simone Bottasso and Tijmen Veelenturf, who share a home in Rotterdam-West, in the Netherlands. The production team includes Italian video makers Michele Coppari and Francesca Zannoni (Cosenude Mediaprojects) and French cinema mixer Pierre-Jean Labrusse.

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