Side Projects

Luca Curcio – Free Humans

A world-jazz project by doublebass player and composer Luca Curcio, featuring Gavino Murgia (sax and vocals), Enrico Degani (classical guitar) and Ruben Bellavia (drums)

Discover more on or check out the album here !

New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra

The first big band ever that features the organetto is in Rotterdam! NRJO is constantly looking to bring further the definition of big band music, using contemporary techniques, soundscapes, free improvisation in new compositions written by the orchestra’s members.

Discover more on, watch some live videos on their new Youtube Channel or check here Omnia Sunt Communia, the piece I composed for them!

Folkestra & Folkoro

This is the orchestral project I created in 2009 with Nicolò Bottasso and Pietro Numico. Since then I have composed and arranged more than 10 hours of new music and explored all the possible ways to make contemporary-world music with a crazy orchestra that is used to improvisation and soundpainting, knows the traditional music grammar and has a lot of fun combining all these elements together.
I’m not leading the orchestra anymore, but I’m sometimes composing for them or collaborating in workshop and concerts.

Discover more on and check some of my arrangements for the orchestra here


My first pop project! The lovely songs by Maaike Van Der Linde played by an all-stars international band, featuring Conor O’ Brien from Villagers, Kate Stables from This is the Kit, Emma Broughton, Romain Bly from Stargaze.

Discover more on Instagram @we-are-linde