Musician, composer and conductor, I blend my traditional roots with as many genres as possible.

My omnivorous interest in music and the use of imagination in creating sound is constantly driving me in creating music that must surprise myself first.

I like working on the edge of collapsing of different art languages. Trying to understand each other; finding a way to coexist, melting or juxtaposing their harshness.

I began playing the diatonic accordion studying Occitan and French traditional folk music with Silvio Peron, Norbert Pignol, Stephane Milleret;

I studied classical and jazz flute at Conservatorio G.Verdi di Torino, then contemporary and electronic composition in CODARTS (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

I collaborate(d) as musician and composer with several projects that blend folk sounds with jazz, funk, rock, bal folk, contemporary and electronic music, such as Duo Bottasso, Neighbors, Simone Sims Longo, Abnoba, Stygiens, Folk Messengers, Linguamadre, DNL – Digital Nature of Life, Music through the Walls.

Since 2015 I play with Accordion Samurai, an international accordion quintet formed by Kepa Junkera, Riccardo Tesi, Dave Munnelly and Markku Lepistu.

I’m proud member of New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Rotterdam Electronic Improvisers Orchestra and Batavierhuis.

Meeting Cosenude Media Projects catalyzed a series of psychedelic audiovisual experiences, such as making the soundtrack of their doc, recording a 50piece orchestra in a 70sqm apartment, realizing the audiovisual performance Il Cielo di Pietra.

At the moment I’m working on the electroacoustic installative performance The Larsen Pipes, an investigation on paper tubes and audio feedback.

Together with my brother Nicolò and Pietro Numico in 2009 I started the project “Folkestra&Folkoro,” a folk amateur orchestra based in Torino (Italy), as a composer, arranger, programmer and artistic director.

I sometimes teach in international workshops and give masterclasses in Conservatories and music schools.