DNL – Digital Nature of Life

Simone Bottasso –diatonic accordion, fute, electronics
Daniel De Boer – double bass, bass, guitar, vocals, electronics

DNL is a dynamic new duo formed in Rotterdam in 2017. Composers/musicians Simone Bottasso and Daniel de Boer mix their different musical and cultural backgrounds using the beautiful acoustic sound of their instruments in combination with live electronics and effects. This creates music that moves from imaginative soundscapes to original compositions using elements of folk, contemporary music, jazz and rock.

Daniel likes to distort his bass sound with pedals or color it with reverb and delay. Simone is a true master of the diatonic accordion and adds loops and effects to his playing to create a richer and fuller pallet of textures and sounds. The goal of the duo is to set up an organic rendez-vous between acoustic music, improvisation, live electronics in order to create a modern storytelling show.

‘Digital Nature of Life’ is a journey through modern human life enriched with experiences of the two musicians. Will nature win or will we all end up as digital holograms?

Hun duoproject speelt zich af op het avontuurlijke snijvlak tussen akoestisch en elektronisch, waarbij ze er in slagen om beide domeinen naadloos in elkaar te laten overvloeien.
Ton Maas – MixedWorldMusic.com

check here some videos of DNL !

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