Musician, composer and conductor, I blend my traditional roots with as many genres as possible. My omnivorous interest in music and the use of imagination in creating sound is constantly driving me in creating music that surprises me.

I began playing the accordion studying Occitan and French traditional folk music. I studied with Norbert Pignol, Stephane Milleret, Silvio Peron, and I graduated in classical and jazz flute from the Conservatorio G.Verdi di Torino. In 2017 I graduated in jazz, contemporary and electronic composition from CODARTS (Rotterdam, Netherlands). I have collaborated as a musician and composer with several projects and ensembles that blend folk music with jazz, funk, rock, contemporary and electronic music, such as Duo Bottasso, Abnoba, Stygiens, Folk Messengers, Neighbors and DNL – Digital Nature of Life. Since 2015 I play with Accordion Samurai, an international accordion quintet formed by Kepa Junkera, Riccardo Tesi, Dave Munnelly and Markku Lepistu.

In 2010 he collaborated with Paolo Fresu and Quartetto Alborada, arranging Abnoba’s repertoire for trumpet and string quartet. In 2012 and 2013 he was invited by Riccardo Tesi to conduct the orchestra of the festival Sentieri Acustici (“Acoustic Pathways”) in Pistoia, performing with them his own compositions. In 2014, he composed “Stella Polare” (“North Star”) for soprano, organetto, chamber ensemble and choir. It has been performed at the Weimar Conservatory in Germany. In 2016, he won the “Best Composer Under 30” prize at the Giovannini Piano Composition Competition, with his trio for piano, clarinet and violin, “Sarvan.” In 2017 he won the first and third prize at the Bruno Serri Competition for Accordion with two compositions for Duo Bottasso (“Monkerrina” and “Magicicada”). In 2018 he wrote the soundtrack of the documentary “Biserta– Storia a spirale,” by Cosenude Media Projects; “Omnia sunt communia” for diatonic accordion and big band (New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra) and “Music by Heart” for children’s choir (Chemnitz Opera Kinderchor) for accordion, violin and live electronics.

Together with his brother Nicolò and Pietro Numico, he has been composer, musical and artistic director of the “Folkestra&Folkoro,” a folk orchestra based in Torino. The ensemble, founded by Duo Bottasso in 2009, includes 40 musicians and performs original compositions and arrangements of Italian folk songs with contemporary jazz and rock influences. Besides his musical and compositional career, he teaches in many international workshops and masterclasses.